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How Acne Affects a Person’s Psychology and Emotions

There is nothing worse than having to look at the mirror and the person sees his or her face saddled with a ton of pockmarks and acne scars. It sure is frustrating to look at, especially when they used to have clear, smooth and glowing skin.

pimplesHowever, as time passes on, along with the numerous stresses they encounter in their daily lives, their skin suffers quite a lot. It begins to develop pimples, black heads, white heads and zits out of the blue.

The beautiful princess or the prince charming of fairy tales suddenly gets turned into an ugly duckling. This proves to be a socialite’s nightmare, having to go around in public and be very conscious about how huge those pus-filled bumps on their face are to be noticed by others.

This can be a huge source of low self esteem, and there’s nothing more that a person wants but to get rid of them as soon as possible.

The fight against acne can be a pretty difficult one, with so many people often feeling like they have to live with such a skin condition for such a long time.

Of course, they would often make use of some treatments such as creams and ointments to lessen their appearance, but when they start popping up again, it all goes back to square one. One would get affected for the worse, and several situations would come out of it.

Below are the effects of acne on a person’s emotional and psychological makeup.

  1. Those who are suffering from acne outbreaks may end up isolating themselves from public, simply because they don’t want to be mocked for looking ugly. They often see themselves in front of the mirror and try to pop those pimples nonstop, although they also realize it just might make the problem a lot worse. Scars and blemishes would take the place of these pimples, and their complexion would end up getting ruined.
  2. There would be a loss of confidence. Considering that people are so obsessed with physical beauty, and the huge value they place upon it, a young aspiring model would end up giving up her dreams because of the quality of her skin. She would feel like she’s not worth anything at all. This is particularly true when there are lots of individuals out there who tend to neglect a person’s inner beauty and judge them on the outside.
  3. People who suffer from acne scars would feel a great deal of anxiety as well as depression. They aren’t satisfied with their appearance, and they would end up feeling rather low and useless. Socializing with friends and relatives turn out to be a troublesome experience for them, and they would immediately come to the conclusion that people are only looking at them straight in the eyes so as to not be distracted by those pimples scattered all over their faces.

 Acne scars are truly difficult to deal with, and these are the effects that they can have on people.

However, there are different forms of treatments which are effective in getting rid of them, and one only has to make appropriate research to find one that is suitable for their skin type.

Vitamins That Can Keep Acne Away

The face is perhaps one of the most fragile areas of the human body, and everyone wants to ensure that it’s free from any blemishes or scarring.

Everyone hopes to acquire a smooth, clear and radiant complexion, especially with how much emphasis has been placed towards physical attractiveness. Sadly, not everyone gets to be blessed with flawless skin.

Even among adults who have done their best to maintain a spot-free face, there may be instances wherein blemishes such as pimples or zits can pop up anytime.

Although they’ve most likely encountered such a problem during their teenage years, there’s always a possibility that these pimples might come back to haunt them, especially if they make themselves vulnerable to a lot of stress, bacteria and intense weather conditions.

Acne can truly be the dread of nearly every person who wants to be as beautiful as can be.

Having acne can certainly make things awkward for many individuals on this planet, especially when they go out in public and socialize.

At times, they may even notice their peers staring into those marks on their faces without even realizing it, thus making it such an embarrassing situation to be in.

This would lead them to be psychologically and emotionally hampered, turning into introverts. Yet, this is something which isn’t permanent, so long as all the proper measures are taken.

There are a lot of ways in which pimples can be gotten rid of, although one would simply state that making use of natural remedies would be the ideal course of action.

Getting a good dose of essential vitamins can really help eliminate the presence of such blemishes on the face.

  1. milkVitamin A is known to possess a number of antioxidants, especially when it comes to excess production of sebum in the pores of the skin. This vitamin will simply open up the pores and eradicate all the oils stored there, causing cleansing to take place. There are many sources of this vitamin, especially in foods such as carrots, fish, milk and strawberries.
  2. Vitamin B12 can also be useful in fending off acne outbreaks, as well as curing it. There are various supplements containing this vitamin, and these should consumed regularly in order to improve the quality of one’s skin.
  3. Vitamin C – This can actually boost the production of collagen, a component found in the dermis which causes skin to remain elastic, smooth and clear. With vitamin C consumed, one can expect the texture of their skin to become even more vibrant, leading to that natural and youthful glow.
  4. Vitamin E – It also possesses antioxidants much like Vitamin A. however, it serves the main purpose of protecting one’s skin from any sort of damage, and will regenerate skin cells too. There are many foods out there containing Vitamin E, and they include dried apricots, green olives and peanuts.

These are the four major vitamins essential to keeping acne off one’s face. These prove powerful and beneficial in finally clearing up the skin of pimples, zits and black heads for good.